Superhero Academy at ZSL London Zoo

As part of ZSL’s 2018 Superhero Takeover, from Saturday 21st July to Sunday 2nd September, kids will be able to dust off their capes and train in animal strength, night vision, agility and speed at ZSL’s special centre for superheros.  A great value day out, this super experience is included in Zoo entry price.

Once inside, junior recruits will learn how to harness the super powers of the world’s most incredible wildlife in four special training areas:

WHAM!  After collecting their mission pack and mask, kids will step into their first class to learn all‑important night vision skills from the nocturnal owl – using special goggles to spot potential food in its woodland home.

WHOOSH!  Next, they can unlock the power of super speed, racing against the world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah, before mastering the leafcutter ant’s super strength in time to lift a 3 tonne taxi safely out of the way.

ZOOM!  Finally, students get to climb their way to completion like the incredible gecko, mastering their toughest skill yet –defying gravity to crawl across the bedroom ceiling.

After completing their Superhero Academy training, young heroes can then have their very own graduation photo taken –just in the nick of time!

The new recruits will then need to use all their new super skills to help ZSL’s very own superhero, Captain Z, tackle The Maze – a tricky series of obstacles and challenges made by his arch nemesis, Plastico; a fiendish villain trying to overwhelm the environment with plastic pollution.

Once junior superheros have finished saving the day, they can spend their downtime exploring the Zoo, discovering even more about the 19,000 super-animals who call it home.

Superhero Academy is part of ZSL’s 2018 Superhero Takeover, a year-long celebration of incredible wildlife and the ZSL superheros working to protect animals around the world.

Being a superhero is included with your Zoo entry price: buy your Original Tour and ZSL London Zoo tickets