Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

Departs Monday-Sunday at 16:00pm from the Tower of London bus stop 

In August 1888, a deadly figure lurked in the shadows of East London. As day fell into night, he claimed his first unsuspecting victim. The fearsome figure, best known as Jack the Ripper, went on to claim the lives of several women, leaving behind a murder mystery that would shock and perplex us all to this very day.

Join us in the streets of Whitechapel as we take you back in time to 1888 for London walks about Jack the Ripper. It was a time when the streets were chilling, tensions ran high and the Ripper lurked in the shadows of the city.

Walk the cobbled alleyways of Aldgate and leave the 21st century behind as we show you the true architecture of 19th century London. Visit Mitre Square, the place where Jack the Ripper claimed and left his third victim, Catherine Eddowes.

On London walks about Jack the Ripper, we recount each one of his known victims, taking you to the very spot where their bodies were found by terrified residents. Discover the plight of the London Police Force as they desperately tried to track down the perpetrator before he claimed his next victim.

Retrace the steps of the infamous Jack the Ripper if you dare and join us as we uncover London’s gruesome history! We depart at 16:00pm every day from The Original Tour bus stop at the Tower of London on Tower Hill.

We guarantee that our Jack the Ripper Walking Tour will have you on tenterhooks from start to finish as we share chilling tales of the Ripper’s life and crimes.

Purchase a 24-hour or 48-hour Original Tour bus ticket to enjoy free Jack the Ripper tours and London walks! Our Jack the Ripper walking tour in London lasts for 90 minutes every evening.

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