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  1. Original Tour + St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral

Beautiful Architecture Inside & Out!

An architectural masterpiece with beautiful views of London

Visible from many places along our tour routes, make sure you hop-off and explore this fascinating Cathedral and its awe-inspiring architecture from the inside as well. From the beautiful dome down to the crypt, 300 years of history await you.

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  • Enter Sir Christopher Wren’s architectural masterpiece and discover the awe-inspiring interior of the Cathedral floor. Experience the acoustic quirks of the Whispering Gallery - a whisper on one side can clearly be heard 100 feet away! Continue up to the Golden Gallery for stunning panoramic views of London.

    Appreciate the richness of history, knowing that a cathedral has stood on this spot for 1400 years. The present cathedral building was entirely cleaned and restored for its 300th anniversary in 2011.

    Descend down to the crypt which houses the tombs and memorials of some of the nation’s greatest heroes. Admiral Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington are both entombed here.

    Get the most out of your visit by using the multimedia guides available in 12 languages; joining a guided tour; and watching the 270° film experience; Oculus. All included in the ticket price!