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  1. Original Tour + KidZania

KidZania London

A kid-sized city built for and run by kidz!

Westfield London ONE DAY VIP PASS - FREE with every KidZania ticket

The hottest entertainment experience for children aged 4-14, KidZania brings together learning and fun. Kids can get a taste of over 60 careers and learn real-life skills in the process and with so much choice, there is something for them all!

Opening times vary and KidZania will be closed on some dates - full details in the Plan Your Visit section below. 

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Age Information

The Original Tour child tickets are valid for ages 5-15. Age 16+ must purchase an adult ticket. Kids under 5 go free. 

KidZania child tickets are valid for ages 4-14. Age 15+ must purchase an adult ticket. Ages 1-3 must purchase an "Early Years" ticket (not available online - contact us for more information). Kids under 1 go free. 

Online £43.50 Full Price £50.00
Online £47.00 Full Price £54.00


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  • Based at the Westfield shopping centre in White City (West London), KidZania is the perfect choice for entertaining the children for a 4-hour session while the grown-ups shop, eat or enjoy some child-free time. And now you can unlock a whole host of special offers, deals and discounts at Westfield London - every KidZania ticket comes with a FREE Westfield London ONE DAY VIP PASS.

    KidZania offers the youngsters a chance to sample over 60 professions for themselves earning kidZos (KidZania currency) and learning about these careers in the process.

    Professional zones include a TV studio, a stadium, a hospital and A&E department, a hotel, a fashion recycling studio, a pet wellbeing centre, and even a smoothie kitchen! 

    Kids can choose the jobs they are most interested in and by taking part, they will earn kidZos which can be spent on a range of leisure activities including a chocolate factory, a fruit and nut bar makery, a face painting studio and many more. And if they save together 75 kidZos, they can open a bank account and receive their very own bank card just like the grown ups!

    To give all children independence to explore the "city", adults will not be allowed to enter most areas of KidZania. 

  • All zones are subject to availability and subject to change and this list is provided as a guide only. 

    ALL ACTIVITIES (4 - 14 Years)

    Earning activities:

    • Acting Academy: Puppeteer
    • Air Conditioning: Technician
    • Animation Studio: Stop-Motion Animator
    • Aviation Academy: Cabin Crew & Cadet Pilot
    • Bank: Bank Teller
    • Window Cleaning Company: Window Cleaner
    • Dance Club: Dancer, Karaoke Singer & DJ
    • Courier Service
    • Dentist: Dental Assistant
    • Engineering Centre and Pit Lane: Trainee Engineer
    • Estate Agency: Junior Estate Agent
    • Fashion Recycling Factory: Recycling Operative
    • Fashion Studio: Stylist
    • Fire & Rescue Service: Firefighter
    • Hospital and A&E: Paramedic, Surgeon & Baby Care Nurse
    • Hotel: Receptionist & Housekeeper
    • Medical Courier Service: Medical Courier
    • Newspaper: Reporter
    • Police Department: Police Officer
    • Radio Station: Broadcast DJ
    • Smoothie Kitchen: Fruitologist
    • Stadium: Commentator & Footballer
    • Supermarket: Supermarket Employee
    • The Vault: Cashier and Guard
    • TV Studio: Presenter & Production Crew
    • Wrap Factory: Wrap Maker

    Spending activities (payment in kidZos, unless otherwise stated)

    • Burger Shop: Burger Chef (£2 charge)
    • Chocolate Factory: Apprentice Chocolatier
    • Climbing Building: Climber
    • Face Painting Studio
    • Fruit and Nut Bar Makery: Bar Developer
    • Games Room: Game Time! (FREE)
    • Job Information Centre: Job Candidate (FREE)
    • Music Academy: Drummer
    • Painting School: Art Student (FREE)
    • Pet Wellbeing Centre
    • Supermarket: Supermarket Customer (FREE)
    • Theatre: Spectators - Adults and Kids (FREE) 
    • TV Studio: Studio Audience
    • University: Undergraduate - Engineering Degree

    EARLY YEARS (1 - 3 Years)

    Dedicated zones

    • Science Lab
    • RightZKeeper’s Residence
    • Kindergarten

    Other zones:

    • Dance Club
    • Face Painting Studio
    • Aviation Academy
    • TV Studio
    • Supermarket
    • Theatre
    • Painting School

    All children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult and so in these cases adults can enter the Early years activity zones. 


    • Alder Hey Hospital A&E - requires casualties to treat
    • British Airways Aviation Academy - needs passengers for Cabin Crew activities
    • The Stadium - calls all sporting fans to spectate
    • The Theatre - must have an audience
  • Opening times vary and KidZania will be closed on some dates - please see the calendar below.

    The first area at KidZania is the British Airways Airport check-in. 

    After check-in is completed, you and your children will be given a security RFID bracelet.

    The youngsters will also get a pack with 50 kidZos (KidZania currency) to get them started plus a hairnet to be worn underneath any helmets or hats with their professional uniforms.

    For children aged 8 and above, they can be checked in and then simply picked up again at the end of their 4-hour slot. 

    There are several activities for the children to choose from - on average they can undertake around 4 to 6 activities within the 4-hour timeslot. We would advise that you and your children take a look at all the options and plan ahead to make the most of the 4-hour session. 

    Each zone will display information of the capacity of that activity, the usual duration and whether the children will earn a kidZos salary or be required to pay a kidZos fee to take part.

    To give all children independence to explore, adults will not be allowed to enter most of KidZania's activity zones. Every zone either has an open-front or large viewing windows for you to watch your kids enjoying their activities. There are some activities where adults are welcomed to participate - please see our Highlights section for more information. All children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult and so in these cases adults can enter the Early Years activity zones. 

    Or if you prefer to have some leisure time, the Grown Ups Garden Shed is the place for you! You can buy a drink and get comfortable in this cosy adult-only area with books, board games and computers available to use. 

    And now you can unlock a whole host of special offers, deals and discounts at Westfield London - every KidZania ticket comes with a FREE Westfield London ONE DAY VIP PASS for use on the day of your KidZania visit. For more information on participating retailers, ask the KidZania Kiosk, Airport or Customer Service staff upon check-in.

    KidZania Opening Times and Closure Dates - Sept 2017 to Apr 2018