Expected disruptions and necessary diversions to our service

Service Update

Please note that all dates and times are approximate. Speak to our staff on-board the buses, at the Visitor Centre and at the bus stops for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Saturday 10th November: Lord Mayors Show
Owing to the Lord Mayors Show the following stops will suffer a disrupted service:

#7: One Aldwych Hotel Mamma Mia - No Service until 17:00

#12: Temple Station, stop W - No Service

#13: Westminster Pier City Cruises - No Service

#15: Whitehall, Horse Guards' Parade - No service until 15:00

#35: Buddha Bar, stop KE - No Service, servicing stop KA Harrods

#36: Royal Albert Hal, stop K3 - No Service

Sunday 11th November: Remembrance Day

Owing to remembrance day services the following stops will suffer disruption:

#2: Queens Gallery - No service

#4: Abingdon Street, stop M - No service

#5: Marriott Hotel County Hall - No Service

#9: Queen Victoria Street, stop MD - No service 09:30-12:30

#13: Westminster Pier City Cruises - No Service

#38: Bedford Way, stop OT - No service until 12:30 

Upcoming Events

December 24th – Christmas Eve (reduced service)

December 25thCLOSED

December 31st – New Year’s Eve (reduced service)