Unique Places to Eat in London

After a day of sightseeing there’s nothing better than a scrumptious dish paired with refreshing drinks! With over 39,000 restaurants to choose from in London, we’ve compiled a delicious list of some of the best and most unique places to eat. 

The Three Stags, Kensington

Starting with a restaurant that’s good for the planet as well as your appetite, The Three Stags in Kensington is one of the most sustainable London restaurants. They work alongside local schools and organisations to grow their own veg and there’s even a beehive on the rooftop where they produce their own honey. Many of the dishes are lovingly created using British ingredients. The drinks options are also incredibly varied - with local ales stocked alongside exotic wines and spirits. The Three Stags is very well suited to those of you who prefer to take the off-road route away from the tourist destinations, especially if you’re searching for the perfect home-cooked style roast dinner or classic fish and chips.

London restaurant

Dans Le Noir, Islington

Literally translated as ‘in the night,’ Dans Le Noir is one of the best places to eat in London purely for the fact you eat and drink the dark. The main dining room can host up to 60 guests at a time, with infrared cameras in place for extra peace of mind. Dans Le Noir is the ultimate sensory experience, encouraging you to talk to other diners and heightening your senses of taste and smell. This makes everything all the more delicious, especially since all menus are a complete surprise. Choose from The White Menu - an exclusively fish-based list of dishes, right up to The Green Menu specially tailored for vegetarians. You’ll also have the chance to guess what you’ve eaten and, at the end of the meal, you’ll be guided back into the ‘real world’ where the surprise menus will be revealed!

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Waxy O’Connor’s, Leicester Square

If you want to see a huge tree in the middle of a restaurant, then Waxy O’Connor’s is the place to be. Slightly out the way from the buzz of the actual square itself, Waxy O’Connor’s serves some absolutely delicious fare. Indulge in sage and garlic hammered rump steak, washed down with beer and a shot (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and a shot of Redbreast whiskey is our personal favorite). Not only is there a beautiful set menu featuring gourmet-like dishes at very agreeable prices, the restaurant also offers a generous typical pub classic menu including burgers and sandwiches. If you stay a little later in the evening, this charming Irish pub plays host to entertainment such as a fiddler band and genuine Irish dancers and singers.

London restaurant

Bel Canto, Bayswater

Opera singing waiters? Check. Hearty Italian and French cuisine? Check. Bel Canto means ‘beautiful singing’ and it’s easy to see why. The staff here sing all the classics - perfect for opera connoisseurs. It’s not just the entertainment that draws in the crowds - the food is absolutely faultless and consists of juicy lobster, sumptuous sea bass, creamy risotto and much more. At £54 per head, it’s surprisingly good value compared to other restaurants in London. The Opera Package includes two courses, a glass of prosecco and live opera entertainment.

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 The Cheese Bar, Chalk Farm Road

Where else would you find a restaurant dedicated to cheese? London, of course! Billed by fromage lovers as literally one of the best places to eat in London, The Cheese Bar serves up gooey specialty toasties, fondues, poutine, ice cream - basically anything you can make using dairy products. The Cheese Bar is also home to an eclectic choice of drinks including everything from crisp European lagers to Bellini cocktails. This place is one for people who love ‘social food’ as most of the dishes are shareable and diners are seated in a Sushi-bar style setting.

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Archipelago, Cleveland Street

Bored of stuffed chicken breasts and roasted lamb? Well, if you’ consider yourself to be a daring diner then Archipelago will certainly provide you with a menu that’s a little bit ‘alternative.’ Try crocodile wrapped in vine leaves, or perhaps the pan fried chermoula crickets! You’ll be exposed to many unique ingredients at Archipelago as it is a place that celebrates delicious global cuisine. So, if you’re an adventurous soul, explore the globe with your taste buds and visit London’s most eclectic dining experience. You certainly won’t be left disappointed.

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Inamo, Oxford Street

Delicious sushi right at your fingertips...literally! This fresh dining experience infuses Asian cuisine with interactive technology. Every table surface in Inamo uses touch screen technology, allowing you to order your food, set the mood, book a cab and pay for your meal without flagging down a waiter. This click happy place serves up delicious food that is meant for sharing. Feast on sushi rolls, Thai green curry, aromatic duck or Szechuan chicken, it’s completely up to you. After All, you’re in control.

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So, there you have it. The Original Tour’s weird and wonderful dining recommendations in London. A visit to one of these places won’t leave you disappointed or hungry. If you still need to plan your daytime activities, check out our attraction deals today!