Country Cuisine Tour - Greece

Our country cuisine tour is taking a trip to the exotic and glorious Greece to explore the best Greek restaurants in London!

The Greek Larder

Based in King's Cross, The Greek Ladder is the brainchild of Theodore Kyriakou, who was the man behind The Real Greek. This vibrant and modern space brings you regional Greek food at its finest which explores its unique food producers, rich culinary history and fabulous offerings of the Eastern Mediterranean basin. With a restaurant and delicatessen open 7 days a week, the distinctive menu captures the tastes, flavours and essence of Greece and the Aegean. Like with most Greek cuisine, you'd expect it to be fresh and refreshing, and The Greek Ladder doesn't disappoint with an array of fish, salads and sides on the menu. The restaurant overlooks the picturesque Regent's Canal stretch of water, so after all that food, why not take a stroll along it. 

The Life Goddess

The Life Goddess first opened as a deli in Bloomsbury in 2012, and then later opened its first restaurant in Carnaby Street, and offers its guests all the traditions expected from the Greek culture. For Greeks preparing a meal for someone is the ultimate token of respect, gratitude, friendship and love, something which is illustrated massively in the food you can enjoy. The Life Goddess aspires to introduce the superior quality, wealth and diversity of Greek products to gastronomy enthusiasts and familiarise them with the exquisite balance, simplicity and excellence of the Greek food culture. At The Life Goddess they offer food that is grown in the ideal Greek climatic conditions. The fruit and vegetables are ripened under the abundant Greek sunlight, their meat, fish and poultry grown by local cattle farmers and fishermen using traditional environmentally friendly methods. There's superbly balanced, mouth-watering appetizers, salads, main courses and preserves that will simply blow your mind and some of the best wines you've ever tasted!


Hungry Donkey

With the distinct name of Hungry Donkey, this modern Greek restaurant in Liverpool Street specialises in simple, authentic Greek cuisine inspired by classic Greek street food. Their focus in on quick and enticing dishes served up in hip surroundings with all food being made available to eat in or made to go. The food brings together fresh flavours with an emphasis on simplicity and responsibly-sourced ingredients. With seasonal specials, as well as a host of traditional favourites, the Hungry Donkey caters for vegetarians and vegans too. If you want a tipple, they're known and proud of their all-Greek wine and spirits menu which has brought together a unique and exciting range of wines, beers and spirits from all around Greece. 

The Souvlaki

Based in picturesque Kingston, Greek dishes meets street food with The Souvlaki. Souvlaki is a popular Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetable grilled on a skewer. The meat is normally served with grilled bread, or in Greek pita wrap with garnishes and sauces often with fried potatoes, and The Souvlaki in Kingston Market are known as one of the finest in London! With handmade pita bread, olive oil from Crete, marinated and grilled meats from Greece, halloumi cheese from Cyprus and handmade sauces, you'll be sure that your Mediterranean food adventures are complete! 

The Real Greek

The only Greek chain in London, The Real Greek have created dishes that are inspired by the epic journeys of Ancient Greeks which benefit many different cultures and influences that now shape modern Greek cuisine. The memories and spirit of Greece are perfectly demonstrated in their numerous locations across London. To ensure the very best, you're never rushed once you're there as their staff take time to engage with you as well as taking care and love in all the food you enjoy. From olives, to flatbreads, to grilled meats and salads, you'll never be short of Greek delights to choose from. To fully get into the Greek spirit, there is live music in the restaurants in their many Athens by Night events which liven up the atmosphere. 


Regarded as one of the finest Greek restaurants in London, Mazi in Notting Hill has an aim to show the rest of the world how innovative, tasty and refined Greek food can be. Reinterpreting old time classic recipes with a modern twist, Mazi means 'together' in Greek and the sharing culinary tradition of Greece certainly comes out in your visiting experience. Most ingredients are imported from Greece with others sourced from fresh and local independent suppliers. The restaurant has a modern rustic charm perfectly in keeping with their ethos as well as a garden too. If you'd like to show off your Greek cooking skills, the restaurant has also recently released a cookbook!