Country Cuisine Tour - Brazil

Our country cuisine tour of London is making a trip to bask in the beauty of the best Brazilian restaurants in the capital!


In Brazilian culture a Butecos refers to a social hangout where people meet friends whilst eating and drinking. Barraco in Kilburn not only demonstrates this, but it's actually a buteco! In an area with the highest population of Brazilians in London, many of whom visit Barraco, you'll be sure for a vibrant and fun experience whilst you're there. With an array of succulent meats including steaks, grills and fish, accompanied with salads, salsas, risotto's and rice, you'll feel like you've visited a restaurant in Rio! 



With seven locations across London, Cabana focuses on three truly wonderful aspects that makes Brazil amazing. Firstly, the communal aspect of eating with friends and family in a loving and wholesome environment. Secondly, the awesome eccentricity of the cities in Brazil and finally the unmistakably Brazilian outlook: 'tudo bem' which means 'everything's good'. Cabana is the homage to all of these and let's you share the real Brazil! With bright colours filling the feel-good venues, the menu is built around the spiced skewered meats with steak, chicken, pork, seafood or veggies on offer. With starters and sides featuring cheesy dough balls, croquetas and fries laden with feijoada (national dish packed with stewed beans and meats), your taste buds will be in for a treat!


With its charmingly friendly environment, Galpão in Kensal Green showcases the wide range of Brazil's street food specialties with tapas-sized dishes, from meat-filled dumplings, to salt-cod fishcakes, to cassava fries, to bean stews and steaks. Having small nibbly meals means you'll have plenty of room for desserts including their caramel pudding or coconut custard! 

Rodizio Rico

If you're hungry, and we mean hungry, Rodizio Rico in Islington or within The O2 is the ideal place for you! Replicating an authentic Brazilian churrascaria, you can eat all you like for £27.50 giving you unlimited access to charcoal fired roasted meats, gourmet salads, and everything in between. So to indulge Brazilian style, get yourself down to Rodizio Rico.

Tia Maria


Based in Vauxhall, Tia Maria serves up a range of stews, steaks and salads, but its signature dish is its Brazilian pancakes made with tapioca starch and filled with the likes of cheese, salt-cured beef and coconut, or palm heart and cheese. To feel right within the culture and spirit of Brazil, there's regular live Brazilian music when the party atmosphere takes over. One deal to watch out for is 50% off main courses every Tuesday.  

X Burger House

X Burger House in Kilburn has a simple aim...  Brazilian burgers, Brazilian burgers and more Brazilian burgers! With toppings including palm heart, Brazilian sausage and ham, shredded chicken, lamb mince or chicken hearts, you shouldn't be struggling for options. If you can't get to Kilburn you can also order food online so you don't miss out on this burger extravaganza.