A Brand New App For The Original Tour!

*drum roll*… introducing the brand new Extrapolitan app! With a touch of a button you can experience your bus tour in a completely unique way with our 3D model map, London fun filters, checking bus times, buy tickets and lots of additional info to make your journey even more enjoyable!

Put your hands together and welcome the brand new Extrapolitan app!

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Original Tour- Extrapolitan App

This brand new offering which has been developed by Extrapolitan, enables our customers to experience a bus tour that is completely unique. As well as complementing our tours by providing additional information, it also aims to deliver a seamless customer journey.

So what are the main features and benefits?

Explore & Buy Tickets with Ease

Our new app outlines the biggest and best attractions that are covered on our tour routes. Now, with the help of the Extrapolitan app for The Original Tour, you don’t need to queue to buy your tickets. Once you download the app, you can purchase the type of ticket you desire and save it on your phone. So, your ticket is ready and waiting for you to use when you need it.

The Original Tour App- Buy Tickets

Check your Bus Times on the Move

When you’re out and about and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about where to catch your next bus. With the help of our app, you can use your phone location to navigate your way to the closest bus stop. Our expertise doesn’t leave you when you get off the bus; we’ll help guide you through London by bus and by foot. Without the worry of getting lost, you can hop-on and hop-off the bus whenever you like.

Original Tour App- Where's my bus

Access Additional Information

 Do you want to know a little bit more about London’s attractions before you explore them yourself? No problem. The London Guide section of our app lists various sites and places of interests, covering the most popular attractions, landmarks, restaurants and shopping facilities, offering users key information.

If you’ve already decided on which attractions you would like to see, check where they are located on our map to see which bus routes and stops will get you to where you want to go.

Original Tour App- London Guide

Discover Augmented Reality

Watch London’s attractions come to life in the palm of your hand! Grab an Original Tour map from the visitor centre and open up the augmented reality section of your app. You simply hover over a London attraction on the map to unveil interesting audio commentary and a 3D model of the location.

At the moment, this function is available for Big Ben and Tower of London. But, keep your eyes peeled for other top London attractions coming to life soon!

London attraction- Big Ben

Take Photos with a Difference

Why not see if you suit the Crown Jewels? Perhaps you will easily blend in as part of the Queens Guard? Or maybe you’d rather play it cool in a pair of Union Jack shades instead?

Take photos with a difference and check out some of the fun filters that are currently available on our app. You can’t go to London without wearing the Crown Jewels.

Don’t forget to share your bus tour photos with us by tweeting @Original_Tour!

Original Tour- Photo filters

If you’re heading to London, download the Extrapolitan App today on Google Play or the App Store. You can also check out the wide range of deals and discounts we offer on multiple London attractions!

Save money and see more with The Original Tour. 

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