Welcome to The 'new' Original Tour! London is one of the most exciting, innovative & modern cities in the world – and we want The Original Tour to be a part of that buzz! The bus design and branding you are familiar with was actually created twenty years ago -  it definitely needed updating.  We are excited to reveal our new look...

To give you a bit of background and context, we have been working on the ‘new look’ since January 2017. We knew what we wanted to achieve but not what the buses would look like!

A few of our objectives were:

  • Ensure we stood-out from the 7000 double-decker red London buses!
  • Build on our heritage and experience as the ‘original’ sightseeing bus tour in London.
  • Update our look to be modern, fresh, fun and welcoming.
  • Create a brand we were all proud of and a bus we would want to hop-on-board!

You only have to walk past the souvenir shops of Piccadilly Circus to realise that the Union Jack (correctly speaking, the Union Flag) has become an iconic symbol that represents London and Great Britain, especially on an international level. The use of a design based around this concept positions us as an iconic part of the tourist landscape here in London...and it's very photogenic!!  We purposefully altered the flag design, zooming in, turning it on its side and changing the dimensions; this ensures it is unique to The Original Tour.

We love the new bus livery and are very proud of it, but at the same time we do realise it doesn't actually change the tour experience. And that is the important bit for all our customers. In November and then at the beginning of April, you saw the launch of our updated routing. Over the coming months we are looking forward to announcing other exciting changes to our product, with a focus on making the customer experience even better. Watch this space!