PaulName: Paul
Job title: Tour Host
How long have you been working at The Original Tour? 4 and a half years.
What is your favourite thing about your job? Meeting happy customers from around the world.
Favourite London fact: Oliver Cromwell was executed at what is now Marble Arch, two years after he died.



London Tips

What is your favourite... and why?

London area: Soho. It’s all about the restaurants. Whatever your budget you’re going to find something fantastic and you could well be eating next door to a place of Rock ’n’ Roll history. Find out where on our Rock ’n’ Roll walking tour.

London attraction: Westminster Abbey. From the tomb of Edward the Confessor to the royal wedding of William and Catherine, no other building has witnessed more of our nation’s past and present. It’s a real treat for history geeks and is simply stunning.

London museum: Victoria and Albert Museum. If items in the British Museum are there firstly because they’re important, things in the V&A are there firstly because they’re beautiful. It’s a treasure house of aesthetic excellence and more people need to go.

Tips and recommendations for...

Families with children: Take the kids to the Tower of London. Almost a thousand years of murder, torture and intrigue. All the things kids love.

Couples: If you’re in London with a special someone then you won't go wrong with a walk along the Southbank on a beautiful evening. There’ll be lights in the trees, music in the air and some of London’s best views. 

Visitors on a tight budget: Some of the world’s finest museums and galleries are here in London and the vast majority are free. For lots of these get yourselves on the blue and orange routes and don’t forget the National Gallery in Trafalgar too.

People who only have a single day to visit London: Relax. Try not to race around too much because then you’ll not take it all in. Make sure to do either a full red or yellow route tour first. Grab lunch near Piccadilly Circus, pop into the National Gallery and then think about getting the river cruise to the Tower of London in time for the Jack the Ripper walking tour.

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