Join us for a spooktacular journey as we guide you around London’s most terrifying walking tour and learn the true scary story of Jack the Ripper! Our Jack the Ripper walk in London is free with 24 and 48-hr bus tickets and will give you an insight into Victorian London life in a way you’ve never experienced before!

Welcome to Whitechapel

Together, we’ll travel back in time to  August 1888 on our London night tours of Jack the Ripper. Welcome to Victorian England, when the East End of London was an overcrowded slum for the city’s poorest citizens. Gas-lit street lamps offered little light to the dark, dingy alleyways and amidst the smoggy shadows, Jack the Ripper lurked. He had his sights set firmly set on his first victim, Mary Ann Nichols.

Mary Ann’s body was discovered in a narrow back street called Buck’s Row in the early hours of August 31st. Her death marked the start of one of the most documented killing sprees in history.

Whitechapel was a poverty-stricken area, full of poor health and desperation. Homes were overcrowded, food was sparse and disease spread quickly. Bad behaviour wasn’t rare. Pickpockets, prostitutes and violence were part of the everyday. In fact, some might argue that crime was necessary just to survive.


The Victims

When the Ripper’s first victims were found dead in the dank city streets, it wasn’t the act of murder that was the biggest shock to Londoners at the time.

Jack the Ripper mercilessly mutilated the bodies of his victims, specifically targeting ladies of the night. The horrific state in which the Ripper’s victims were found has been well documented. These vicious and unprovoked attacks on Whitechapel’s most vulnerable residents left London fearful.

The number of women who fell victim to Jack the Ripper is to this day, unknown. However, the Ripper struck the hardest between 31st August- 9th November 1888, when he brutally murdered five women.

Victim 1: Mary Ann Nicholls

The Ripper’s first victim was found by a carter on his way to work. She was discovered at around 3.40am at the end of a narrow street called Bucks Row on 31st August 1888. Mary Ann Nicholls was thought to be 43 years of age when she died.

Victim 2: Annie Chapman

47-year-old Annie Chapman was found at around 6.00am on 8th September, making her the Ripper’s second victim. The second murder was more brutal than the first and was said to have traumatised the elderly man who discovered her body.  

Victim 3: Elizabeth Stride

At approximately 1.00am on 30th September 1888, 45-year-old Elizabeth was found dead in Dutfield’s Yard by a jewellery salesman. She was found with a cut to her throat and it is widely speculated that Jack the Ripper was this time disturbed. It is also believed that she wasn’t his only victim that night.

Victim 4: Catherine Eddowes

On 30th September 1888, another body was discovered in Mitre Square at around 1.45am. Catherine Eddowes was found by a policeman. The PC quickly raised the alarm and City Police questioned a number of men that night, but to no avail.  

Victim 5: Mary Jane Kelly

The Ripper’s known final victim was 25-year-old Mary Jane Kelly, who was discovered dead in her own bedroom at 10.45am on the 9th November.  

The Walking Route

Our chilling Jack the Ripper walking tour will take you on a route that visits key points and areas of interest relating to the greatest murder mystery of all time.

With their extensive knowledge, our experts will begin by painting a detailed insight of Whitechapel, pointing out surviving architecture from the Victorian era and explaining more about what life was like for Londoners during this time.

Our tour guides will also lead you to the very spots where each victim was found. For example, your group will congregate at Mitre Square, the place where Jack’s third victim, Catherine Eddowes was discovered. You’ll learn more about each of the women that fell victim to Jack the Ripper's steely blade and gain an insight into the plight of the city’s police force.

What was the Ripper’s motivation to kill? And why couldn’t the police and Scotland Yard foil the Ripper’s murderous acts any quicker?

Your guide will take you through the case, sharing with you the names of the men that were once considered to be the suspected perpetrators. Learn all about them, who they were, where they lived and why they were in the frame.

Join us

Jack the Ripper’s legacy doesn’t just haunt the streets of London’s East End at Halloween. His terrifying memory still lingers in the alleyways and backstreets. Forever lurking in the shadows.

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